The Brick House

Thank you. Thank you for the best year of my life. This time last year, I was nervous about moving in with two roommates. I didn’t want to ruin more friendships. Today, I’m thankful that I took the leap & made the move. I’m thankful that I spent the last year making memories with my... Continue Reading →

To My Lifetime Friend on her Wedding Day

Last night we had our very last sleep over as unmarried women. When you consider the fact that we've been having sleepovers for roughly 12 years, this is a big deal. Madison and I have been friends since the day I was born, 4 days after her. We went through awkward stages of life together,... Continue Reading →

When Tragedy Strikes

I've pondered over writing this all night. I know many others will have words and mine may even be irrelevant. But when things are going wrong, words are all I have left. I never in my life thought I'd be writing a post like this. I never thought something like this would happen to my... Continue Reading →

The Next Step

OKAY. If you see me in the next couple of days, and I'm crying, know they're happy tears. In fact, I'm crying happy tears as I write this because I can't control my emotions. Tomorrow is such a big day. Such a life changing day. This whole next week will be life changing. The abundance... Continue Reading →

The Big Apple

I've been avoiding writing this one, out of my own selfish feelings. I'm so happy but also so sad, so I figured avoiding writing it down would make it not happen. (Side note - it doesn't work like that) Today, by bestie gal takes her dream job and moves to New York City. It's crazy... Continue Reading →

3 Years

"and it might take years but the best thing about patience is, you always get what you need. you always get what you ask for and in the end, you always get what you deserve." -r.m. drake

Life Updates with Madds

Happy Friday everyone! I know, I've been MIA for a while, but the last few months have been insanely busy! Now, things are calming down (kinda) and I'm ready to get back into the swing of things! This post is really just an overall update on what's going on, but I plan to kind of... Continue Reading →

To My Best Friend on Her Wedding Day

I can’t believe that this day has finally come. We’ve been planning our weddings since we were 13, and I’ve enjoyed being by your side for the last year an a half getting to plan yours for real. Just to give some background for everyone, Kensey and I officially met in the 4th grade. I […]

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